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What our clients say.

“Most PM’s are very structured, procedural, delivering the project in a straight line. Linked roll up their sleeves to get the job done while others are monolithic“.

Alessandro Melani, Gucci

“They understand the importance of developing close relationships with their clients. Being bespoke means that their clients get a more personable approach and they bring something completely different to the table“.

Ali McShane, The Bold Collective

“The key is that Di, Nigel and Craig are so different but culturally aligned. That’s a big point of difference in the market. Nigel is tenacious and strategic, Di flourishes in complex and challenging projects and Craig is your man for solving the impossible“.

Jason Varker-Miles, Aston Consulting

“They have a hand in glove approach and take the time get to know their clients’ business. Their relationships are everything and clients appreciate the feeling of 24/7 contact and their passion about the end product“.

Mike Mullins

“It’s unique to find ‘hands-on’ directors that complement each other – they are highly regarded and respected. They need that level of engagement which comes with getting to the guts of the problem. Between the three of them, they can take on significant scale and volume. Their strength is in their no BS methodology“.

Sally Campbell, BVN

“What sets them apart is their respective experience – each is unique and the combination is very powerful. Clients receive a very personalised service that is hands on, commercial and pragmatic. They know the market and have excellent knowledge and relationships with consultants and suppliers“.

Scott Laycock, Mills Oakley

Nigel’s technical knowledge is the best of any, and I don’t mean just construction and services. He understands the commercial needs and works to improve their client’s businesses. You know he will bring that extra input to the table, looking at each area and finding ways to make it better. Nigel is not a mailbox PM just delivering the drawings”.

Greg Bain, Holland

“The difference Di brings is her excellent communication skills and her ability to adapt to other people’s communication styles. She is friendly, firm and fair and always picks up the phone and talks you through any issues. Di is extremely thorough and puts herself in your shoes imagining what you think and feel and never ‘ticks and flicks’; always interpreting information first before forwarding on with her advice and commentary. She makes life easier“.

Hana McKell, Nextgen

“Craig’s commanding professionalism is delivered with his friendly driven personality and ability to understand every aspect of our business, our brand, our guests and staff. He is a trusted advisor and always delves into the root of the issues. Craig is adaptable and flexible and takes ownership of the project and is invested from start to finish“.

Richard Dilly, Merlin Entertainment

Di has extremely high emotional intelligence and has the ability to read people and bring the best out of individuals and teams. She is not too hard and not too soft and has an infectious energy and an ability to be much more than a PM. Di’s skills enabled the engagement of the entire project team whilst successfully navigating the unique culture of the Bank of China“.

Min Cai, Bank of China

“Craig is a unique composite in a corporate world. He has extremely good human interactive ability and is able to put bureaucrats at ease. Craig and his team have the ability to navigate a byzantine maze of complex regulations and achieve resolution that would otherwise be near impossible. He has an everyman personality, no arrogance and it’s clear that he is your guy in the room“.

Mark Tafft, Developer

“Mapletree have entrusted the team at Linked over the years to deliver projects nationally across our portfolio from minor refurbishments & remedial works to the repositioning of premium commercial assets. They have embraced our complex Australasian procurement protocols and ensure projects are appropriately delivered in alignment to these. Nigel and Craig bring a unique and diverse skill set with the maturity and foresight to improve yields and manage our risk. Nothing is a problem; service always extends beyond the day-to-day of delivery. They get us and know how to deliver which is why we will engage them again and again“.

Andrew Kim, Mapletree