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Unique Experience

Apart from spending 25 years working as a Project Manager, Craig is a Hall of Fame horseman, cattleman, property developer and entrepreneur – he brings grass roots life experience and pragmatism to each project. He is known in the industry for being fair, a straight shooter and relentless in achieving the objectives required for the project’s success and the aspirations of his clients.

Nigel on the other hand has spent his formative years as the Operations and Development manager at Australia’s largest general insurer before building an Independent PM business – he brings significant client side experience in financial modelling, facilities, probity and delivery. Nigel’s strategic personality means that he is constantly thinking of a better way to get the job done.

Any Scale, Any Sector

By definition, we can manage any project of any scale in any sector. From greenfield sites to a commercial office tower, to a workplace, an aquarium, distribution centre or a movie set. Our aim is to simplify and streamline the delivery process in order to make life easier for every trade on site.

We have a methodology that is unique, sustainable and proven, which guarantees your project will run smoothly. Fundamental to our approach is the way we plan each stage of the project. We think outside of the square, we listen and develop strategies and provide advice on solutions that impact your project and business positively. We have a robust, no-nonsense process that can identify and predict potential problems and deliver mitigation strategies for each possibility. We are not ‘letter-box’ Project Managers – we are hands on every step of the way.

Boutique operation.

Ours is a high touch: low ratio operation. We have a discrete number of clients who enjoy a highly personalised service from our Principals. Our ongoing relationships with our clients are grounded in alignment of thinking, approach and shared values.

We think outside the box.

We are innovative problem solvers who continuously question the status quo and engage lateral thinking skills to value manage every aspect of the project.

But we do more. We add value. In addition to managing the risks and solving problems before they happen, we become your advisors, seeking out ways to enhance the outcome of your project, supporting your business, your clients and your teams.

We create unbreakable links.

We’re not just team players. We’re team builders.